In Cherry Entertainment we are interested in all types of alternative and innovative art forms. We like to find the extraordinary in everyday life’s details, and transcend it into an art form that people can come and see, feel and dream about. Our latest inspiration is to bring to the Bulagarian audience some of the unique, modern, and provoking art pieces, we have found on the international stage. Our aim is enrich the diversity of alternative theatre in Bulgaria.


White Rabbit, Red rabbit

White Rabbit, Red Rabbit is a play without a director and without rehearsals. It is play by the Iranian playwright Nassim Soleimanapour. And it is an unique piece of art. What is so unique about it? It The actor and the audience have no prior knowledge of what this ‘social experiment’, as the author calls it, is about. Each performance is unique as each night a different actor performs the piece. The beauty of it is that the less you know the more you are blown away by this adventure, which sits on the boundary of comedy and drama. DON’T research the play (however tempting it is now) but do come and see for yourself.